I have had a passion for animals since a very young age. This started with Horses at 7 years old and I worked in a number of livery yards. I then took a very different career turn which saw me as a police officer in Hertfordshire. In 2007 I got my first rescue dog, Bobby a beautiful Labrador x Staff. She came with a lot of inherent behaviour problems which then led me into the world of Canine Behaviour and I have studied with Sarah Whitehead from ThinkDog!

We started agility in 2008 and the rest is really history. Bobby competes at Grade 7 and has won the Rescue dog league several years in a row, has won the KCI starters semi-final which then led onto competing at Discover Dogs. I now also have Ripley a Pomeranian x Terrier who also competes at Grade 6. Both dogs have competed at the UKA Grand Finals. I now have a young Sheltie who is currently in grade 5.

I have trained and qualified at as Agility 1st accredited instructor.

My aim with agility is to ensure this is open to dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. My training methods are flexible to help you work with your dog to build that relationship and more importantly, so that you have fun together!

Agility then led me into looking at injury prevention and treatment. I started having my dogs treated by a massage therapist and saw such amazing results that in March 2015 I qualified as a Galen Myotherapist.