What is Agility?

Agility is Britain’s fastest growing dog sport. The reason for this is that it is fun for both you and your dog! Agility involves guiding your dog around a course of obstacles including jumps, tunnels, A frame, Dog Walk, See Saw and Weaves.

You can train for fun, to build the relationship between you and your dog, for fitness or to go on and compete. Competitions are held most weekends around England and the World! Its fast, furious and amazing fun for all involved.

Who is it for?

Agility should be for everyone. Whether you want to do this to build your relationship with your dog (especially great for rescues) or to keep fit then this could be for you. The only requirement is that your dog is fit and physically able to take part. This is also very mentally challenging for your dog and a half hour training session should tire them about more than a 2 hour walk!

I believe agility is for all breeds from Dachshund up to the Great Dane. I will work within your dog’s physical capabilities and ensure they have a great time.

Dogs would need to have an understanding of basic commands such as a recall, sit and wait. They can start coming to classes after their second injections, however some equipment cannot be negotiated until they are over 12 months old and their joints are fully developed.

If you are not sure come along for a taster session!

I offer 1-1’s or shared lessons which are held outdoors at my venue in Donington PE11 area. These will be held either in the paddock or the new Ménage.

Lessons are £27 for an hour, £13.50 for half an hour and a one off taster session is £10.

Group lessons are also available at a cost of £48 for a 6 week block. This will be shared between 4 or 5 dogs for an hour each week. If you are interested in a group lesson please get in touch and let me know.

What do I need to Bring?

Best things to bring with you are:

Your dog!

A flat collar or harness to train your dog in

Treats and your dogs favourite toys

A Crate if your dog is trained to use one (I can show you how to train this)

Sensible running shoes for you and sensible clothing

If it is cold please bring a coat for your dog


I will be looking to run workshops and have guest trainers throughout the year. Please check my facebook page for information on these.

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