Massage therapy is used to treat dogs with musculoskeletal issues. This can be lameness, back or neck problems, stiffness and other mobility issues. It is also great for maintaining the muscle integrity and preventing injuries for working and show dogs.

It is a targeted massage treatment for the dog which helps to keep the muscle tissue healthy, aid injury recovery and prevent injuries.

Muscle pain is very much underestimated in our dogs, imagine how your body feels after strenuous exercise? It is so often over looked as our dogs are so good at covering this up and hiding it from us! Constant pain can then lead onto undue psychological stress and this in turn can lead onto depression.

Through massage these issues can be managed and treated. Muscle fibres can be damaged through injury, repetitive strain or compensatory issues. By identifying and treating these issues we can help to improve your dogs range of motion, mobility, reduce pain and overall quality of life.

Veterinary consent is required prior to any treatments and this can be downloaded.

Treatments are £35 for the initial consultation, assessment and treatment and then £30 for each follow up appointment. Where I can, my aim is to teach you some techniques so you can help your dog, as well as provide warm up/cool down and exercise advice rather than have you return time and time again for treatments.

Light Therapy

I am qualified to offer Photizo light therapy. The light produces energy and helps to fuel the bodies cells. This can aid the repair process and also reduce pain. This can help treat skin conditions, musculoskeletal conditions and post op scars. It can also assist with the healing on open wounds.


Hydrotherapy can complement the muscle therapy and help to provide extra support during treatment. If this is something that you would be interested in I would recommend Julie Smith from Craigard. You will be in very safe hands with her. Please have a look at her website -

What my clients say

- From Claire and Kenzie

''Caroline has been working with our German Shepherd for the

last few months. He underwent spinal surgery a couple

of years ago and we were keen, as he gets older to ensure he

maintained his quality of life and reduce the stress onshe went along’

- From Hanne and Howard

"By design my basset hound has over developed muscles around his shoulders and back end, as he’s a large breed on very short legs! Due to the onset of old age, arthritis is setting in so I wanted to find a non-aversive treatment that could ease his joints and muscle pain – without always resorting to pharmaceuticals. Working with my vet, Caroline worked with my dog over a course of several sessions and the results were immediate. My dog’s gait improved and his muscles were less tense. My dog clearly enjoyed the sessions too and he kept nudging Caroline to continue when she stopped! I have no hesitation in recommendation Caroline Durrant and her work.”

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